МОК выбрал Москву и Сингапур в шорт-лист на проведение YOG 2010 года

22 января 2008

По итогам почтового голосования членов Исполнительного комитета МОК Москва и Сингапур были выбраны в шорт-лист городов-кандидатов, претендующих на проведение первой в истории Юношеской Олимпиады в 2010 году.


Оба города победили таких конкурентов, как Афины, Бангкок и Турин. Оценочная Комиссия МОК особо обращала внимание на готовность города к быстрой подготовке такого масштабного события (до даты старта остается всего два с половиной года). По итогам отчета, с формулировкой "минимальный риск" победили Москва и Сингапур.

Окончательный выбор города будет проходить также почтовым голосованием среди членов МОК и его результат будет оглашен МОК 21 февраля.

Приводим выдежки из заключительного отчета Оценочной Комиссии:

Through its analysis of Moscow’s candidature file, initial guarantees and photographic files, the Panel of Experts gave Moscow’s project to host the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games a positive assessment and particularly mentioned strong national and local government support, a well-clustered venue plan, an excellent and coherent education programme focusing on the alliances between sport, education and culture, robust financial backing and a high level of experience in hosting international multi-sports events as the bid’s principal strengths.

Moscow’s YOGOC budget of approximately USD 180 million is based on a conservative approach consisting of high expenditure estimates, moderate revenue estimates and a contingency allocation of USD 9 million.

The additional financial information submitted to the IOC is very comprehensive and identifies key cost categories. The budget generally appears to be consistent with the levels of service described in the Candidature File and includes the considerable amount of approximately USD 76 million for the culture and education programmes and for the development, in a relatively short period of time, of an ambitious worldwide digital programme.

The Moscow’s marketing situation is unique due to the overlapping joint marketing periods of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games (from 1 March 2008 until 31 December 2010) and the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (from 1 January 2009 until 31 December 2016).

The Evaluation Commission’s confidence in Moscow’s ability to deliver was reinforced by the powerful, focused and detailed vision demonstrated by all stakeholders throughout the documents submitted to the IOC and during the video conference call.

Based on the long-established philosophy and current financial investments of the city towards participation in sports and hosting international sports events, the bid committee explained the relevance of the Youth Olympic Games project to the long-term strategy of Moscow. The Evaluation Commission also notes that the global digital reach and excellence of Moscow’s culture and education programmes show a thorough understanding of the Youth Olympic Games concept and objectives.

To conclude its analysis, the Evaluation Commission believes Moscow’s project to host the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games offers minimal risk to the IOC.


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